Bones {1.15.1} {1.14.4} Mod (Spooky Mob Skeletons)

Bones is a Minecraft 1.14.4 mod that will add new creatures to your Minecraft game. These creatures will have the same functions as the skeleton. The mod is currently adding 4 new creatures to Minecraft. These are Sheep Skeleton, Pig Skeleton, Cow Skeleton and Chicken Skeleton. These creatures will naturally appear in hell, but you can completely return them to the ordinary world and create a farm for them.

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Types of Mobs

  • Skeleton of a sheep: their favorite food is raw lamb (breed them using raw lamb). You can also feed the skeleton of sheep with rotten flesh. Moreover, they can grow … their flesh. When they grow meat, you can use scissors to clean them.
  • Skeleton Pigs: Skeleton pigs love to eat raw pork cutlets. You can ride skeleton pigs when you put a saddle on them and use Pork on a Fishing Rod. Skeleton pigs are faster than regular pigs.
  • Skeleton Cows: Skeleton cows love to eat raw beef. They do not currently have any special features.
  • Skeletal chickens: they like to eat raw chicken. Skeletal chickens differ from chickens in that they will not lay eggs. Instead, they have the ability to spawn items such as charcoal, fire, or gunpowder.

How to Install Minecraft Bones Mod ?

  1. Download and Install MC Forge
  2. Download Minecraft Bones Mod
  3. Without unpacking, copy to .minecraft\mods
  4. Launch the game and play!

Download Bones Mod for Minecraft

for MineCraft ⇒ 1.15.1 + 1.14.4

Credit: ochotonida | Source: CurseForge