Forest Isle Map 1.18.2 (Survival)

Forest Isle Map 1.18.2 is a survival map created by wackywow. Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, you are likely to end up in the wrong place on these submission islands. The Isle Forest is the only man-made island of survival where you start your personal journey while enjoying the magnificent surroundings. This map selects ice forests, lakes, rocks and volcanoes for a variety of reasons. It is not easy to find a good starting point, why not decide for yourself? Download this map from the hyperlinks link below and enjoy!

forest isle map - Forest Isle Map 1.18.2 (Survival) forest isle map 2 - Forest Isle Map 1.18.2 (Survival) forest isle map 3 - Forest Isle Map 1.18.2 (Survival) forest isle map 4 - Forest Isle Map 1.18.2 (Survival)

Isle Forest Map installation instructions

  1. Record and open the document
  2. Press WIN + R (always “WIN” key between “ALT” and “CTR”)
  3. In the window, type% appdata%
  4. Go to the .minecraft / save folder
  5. Move the folder with the map to save

Igbo Isle Map Download Links

for Minecraft ⇒ 1.18.2

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