Futurepack {1.13.2} {1.12.2} Mod (Spaceship)

Futurepack is a space mod on Minecraft 1.13.2, which will allow players to travel and build ships in outer space in order to open their own planets, which are present in the modification.

The main goal is the construction of spaceships, the extraction of new minerals, the creation of new types of equipment that will help in the study of the universe. Players can also use all items, develop science and so on.

futurepack mod - Futurepack {1.13.2} {1.12.2} Mod (Spaceship)
Futurepack Mod

futurepack mod 2 - Futurepack {1.13.2} {1.12.2} Mod (Spaceship)futurepack mod 3 - Futurepack {1.13.2} {1.12.2} Mod (Spaceship)futurepack mod 4 - Futurepack {1.13.2} {1.12.2} Mod (Spaceship)futurepack mod 5 - Futurepack {1.13.2} {1.12.2} Mod (Spaceship)futurepack mod 6 - Futurepack {1.13.2} {1.12.2} Mod (Spaceship)

How to Install Minecraft Futurepack Mod ?

  1. Download and Install MC Forge
  2. Download Minecraft Futurepack Mod
  3. Without unpacking, copy to .minecraft\mods
  4. Launch the game and play!

Download Futurepack Mod for Minecraft

for MineCraft ⇒

Credit: Mcenderdragon | Source: CurseForge

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