Mythic Mounts Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

Myth Instructions Mod (1.18.1 / 1.17.1 / 1.16.5 brings the world into Minecraft Wilder about with legendary creation. You can also make them your companion in your travels.

mythic mounts mod - Mythic Mounts Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

About Mythic Mounts Mod

It is a The mob mod that allows you to play with quite a lot of creative legends. These creatures can be domestic in addition to long. Therefore, they are very good for some Player Transport side of Minecraft.

There are 9 new animals that you can tame on this mod. They come with baby variations as well.

Animals seem to have many biomes in the world. Because of this fact, you can meet them as you trade into biomes.

Mob with many racks corresponding to:

  • Flying
  • Liquid
  • Ground

You can equip each top with an armor system or additional storage holes. Also a new mountain was added to the mod in October, known as Nightmares within the Nether.

In addition there are several components that you can switch between configuration files, including:

  • Spawn Eto
  • Mount Stats
  • Something AI / behavior
  • And so on.

You are on this Minecraft mod, make sure you are part of the Neighborhood and Patreon MOB event start event.

mythic mounts mod 2 - Mythic Mounts Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5 mythic mounts mod 3 - Mythic Mounts Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5 mythic mounts mod 4 - Mythic Mounts Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

Characteristics of the Mythic Mountains

This The mob mod has its own set of features. By checking them out, you will learn more about how to take care of animals, how to travel them, how to breed them, and much more.

How to domesticate animals in mod

  • To touch the animal, press left with your bare hands.
  • By doing so, you can continue using it until it stops and it will pay you back.
  • It is important to understand some of the efforts before the animal is completely home.
  • Make sure you be careful as soon as you try to resist angry animals. It is as a result that they will struggle against you all by means of taming.

How to climb your Mountains

  • To travel the animal enthusiastically, he bent to the left with his bare hands.
  • Put a saddle on it so you can walk.
  • For Flying animals, you can travel on them by repeatedly pressing the key soar. This helps you to achieve high altitude.
    • Or, you can travel a flying animal through digital camera controls.
  • For aquatic animals, you also use the underwater soar button to get more swim.

Teach animals that are eager to stand or sit in the Myth Mountains

  • Often, domestic animals will move around to the proximity of their pre-cut point. Or more often than not, it may be near the cut-off point.
  • You may want to right-click them with a stick. By doing so, you can make them sit down. They will not leave the position.

How to breed your Mountains

Mythic Mounts Mod additionally it allows you to breed your animals. You can breed the same species of animals when you meet the following conditions:

  • Each animal should be domestic.
  • Their peace should be full.
  • You need to give each of them a complete breeding market.

How to charge your Mountains

  • He trampled the eager animal with his bare hands.
  • He tried this as he was getting away so he could be a pet.

Adding or Eliminating the Market

  • You can provide your ridges with boxes. This brings you forward treasure trove.
  • You should use shears to clear the chest.
  • The overall strength of the product varies completely between the Mount varieties. You can edit this within the configuration file if necessary.

How to access the Marketplace

  • To access the Treasure Mountain, you double-click the eager animal with the empty hand.
  • Be sure to try this as you go. This allows you to access the Top Treasure.

How to add or remove armor to your Mountains

  • Enthusiastic Mounts can be equipped with horse armor available from the Marketplace.
  • You can also unequip horse armor from the Stock Display screen.

Behaviors of Tamed Mountain

Top hosts:

  • They reach out to you and will help you in your fight if you are their owner.
  • You can adjust these habits of your Tamed Mountains within the configuration file.

The Wrath of Your Tamed Mountains:

  • Some passionate animals are naturally aggressive towards artists and mob.
  • Whenever you sell them, they will never hit you again. Otherwise, if the owner orders them to do this, they will attack the actors or terrorists.
  • You can switch Mount Aggression or AI within the configuration file.

Legendary creatures featured in the Mythic Mountains

The mod provides players with many legendary creatures to tame and play with:

Courier Birds

  • He is a frequent Hen.
  • It is located in the jungle, Jungle Hills, and Jungle Edge.
  • This creature eats plants.
  • He is a non-enemy creature. Therefore, it will escape the actors. Otherwise, it will protect its owner.
  • To breed her, she used Candy Berries and Slice Melon.
  • Listed here are your default stats:
    • Health: 20
    • Attack: 4
    • Product: 9

Dire Wolves

  • This creature is rare.
  • You will find in the Snowy Taiga Mountains, Giant Spruce Taiga, the Great Spruce Taiga Hills, Giant Tree Taiga, and Giant Tree Taiga Hills.
  • He also ate on the seeds.
  • It goes after sheep and bones and is not an enemy to artists. It also protects its owner.
  • He used Rabbit, Chicken, Mutton, Beef, and Porkchop to breed it.
  • Listed here are your default stats:
    • Health: 30
    • Attack: 7
    • Product: 12


  • It is an unusual creature.
  • It lives in the background in deep holes (y
  • Your foods are seeds.
  • It is important to be careful because you are an enemy. Otherwise, it will protect its owner.
  • Its many ingredients, for example, Carrot Gold, Apple Apple, and Slice Melon Glistering.
  • The Dragons’ default stats are:
    • Health: 40
    • Attack: 10
    • Product: 27


  • He is an unusual creature.
  • He traded in the Gravelly + Mountains, Taiga Snowy Mountains, Taiga Mountains, Snowy Mountains, Tree Mountains, Snowy Mountains, and Mountains to see this creation.
  • It is meat.
  • The creature will protect its prorietor. Though he was not an enemy, he hunted for sheep and rabbits.
  • To breed it, it takes Hare and Mutton.
  • Default stats obtained:
    • Health: 35
    • Attack: 7
    • Product: 12

Geckotoa Alangba

  • This creature is rare.
  • It is located in large caves near the ground in addition to caves with y> 60.
  • He is an omnivorous creature.
  • The creature is not as angry as the others. However, it will not protect its owner.
  • If you want to grow it, you will need to use Melon, Pumpkin, and Grass clippings.
  • Listed here are the default statistics of the copy:
    • Health: 35
    • Attack: 4
    • Product: 27

Giant Moths

  • It is a recurring theme Mythic mounts.
  • You will find it in The Black Hills Forest and Black Forest.
  • It is a herbivorous creature and is not hostile to athletes. However, it will not keep you safe.
  • There are several ingredients for this recipe, including Sugar, Slice Melon, and Slice Melon Glistering.
  • Listed here are the default statistics of the copy:
    • Health: 10
    • Attack: 2
    • Product: 6

Bats Nether

  • Creation is sort of unusual.
  • It can be found in the Crimson Forest and the Warped Forest.
  • He is an omnivorous creature.
  • This creature is angry. Otherwise, it will protect you if you are the owner.
  • He made the most of Porkchop, Apple, and Rotten Meat from his birth.
  • Your default stats include:
    • Health: 25
    • Attack: 4
    • Product: 9


  • It is a recurring theme.
  • You will notice that you live in Soul Sand Valley and Basalt Deltas.
  • Creation is omnivorous.
  • It is the right light for different artists and creatures. In addition, it will protect its owner.
  • The creature can hunt for the Skeletons and is in a position to walk on the Lava.
  • It uses Blaze Rod and Lightning Charge to breed it.
  • The default values ​​received by the copy:
    • Health: 35
    • Attack: 5
    • Product: 12

Giant Nudibranch

  • This is a copy Mythic mounts mod is sort of recurring.
  • You will notice that it is close to Coral Reefs within the Summer Sea.
  • The creature eats plants.
  • It is not an enemy yet it does not protect its owner.
  • Kelp is used because of the breeding market for this species.
  • Listed here are your default stats:
    • Health: 25
    • Attack: 3
    • Product: 9

Riding Lizard

  • It is a frequent creature on this Minecraft mod.
  • There are several sites corresponding to the Desert, Desert Lakes, Desert Hills, Eroded Badlands, Wooded Badlands Plateau Repair, and Rehabilitation Badlands Plateau.
  • Human beings eat meat.
  • He is angry at different actors or creatures. Otherwise, it will protect its owner. The creature is hunting for Hare and Chicken.
  • From his birth, he adopted the Rabbit, Chicken, Pumpkin, and Rotten Meat.
  • Listed here are the default statistics of the copy:
    • Health: 20
    • Attack: 4
    • Product: 6

Mythic Mounts Mod Every year is the best legend mobs that makes your sport extra fascinating. Each species has its own genetic make-up. In addition they differentiate your game skill.

Mythic Mounts Mod installation

  1. Download and install the latest version Clothing API we had Cloth Modloader
  2. Download and install GeckoLib
  3. Downloads Mythic Mounts Mod (select versions below)
  4. Place the downloaded mod in the folders ./minecraft/mods/
  5. In addition, you can install it Mod Menu

Mythic Mounts Mod Download Links

for Minecraft ⇒ 1.18.1 + 1.17.1 + 1.16.5

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