Traveller’s Backpack 1.16.2 / 1.15.2 Mod

The backpack that every Minecraft traveler needs. Traveler’s Backpack 1.16.2/1.15.2 is a mod that will allow us to make a backpack that will provide a lot of interesting features for those who enjoy travelling and exploring the cubic world of Minecraft. This backpack offers a total of 45 boxes and two tanks to transport liquids and fluids, to which we will be able to connect a hose to pour the contents. Each tank can store four buckets of water, four buckets of lava or sixteen bottles of potion.

As if this were not enough, the backpack has a built-in crafty table, which will allow us to manufacture things within the backpack’s interface, and a sleeping bag, which will prevent us from having to constantly make beds. With the backpack equipped, it will be enough to press the “B” key to access the inventory of the backpack. In addition, not only can we manufacture a backpack, but we can make a total of 75 aesthetic variants, some of them with special skills.

travellers backpack mod - Traveller's Backpack 1.16.2 / 1.15.2 Mod

travellers backpack mod 2 - Traveller's Backpack 1.16.2 / 1.15.2 Modtravellers backpack mod 3 - Traveller's Backpack 1.16.2 / 1.15.2 Modtravellers backpack mod 4 - Traveller's Backpack 1.16.2 / 1.15.2 Mod

How to Install Minecraft Traveller’s Backpack Mod ?

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Minecraft Traveller’s Backpack Mod
  3. Without unpacking, copy to .minecraft\mods
  4. Launch the game and play!

Download Traveller’s Backpack Mod for Minecraft

for MineCraft ⇒ 1.16.2 + 1.15.2 + 1.14.4 + 1.12.2

Credit: Tiviacz1337 | Source: CurseForge