Xleilux Texture Pack for MC 1.14.2

Textlepak Xleilux improves the original textures, increasing productivity, and also creates an exciting atmosphere for the world, changing not only the basic blocks, but also grass, leaves and water.

Xleilux Texture Pack 1.14.2
Xleilux Texture Pack 1.14.2

How to Install Minecraft Xleilux Texture Pack ?

  1. Download Minecraft Optifine HD
  2. Download Xleilux Texture Pack 1.14
  3. Open file .minecraft/resourcepacks
  4. Paste the downloaded file, inside “resourcepacks”.
  5. We already have Minecraft with new textures installed!

Download Xleilux Texture Pack for Minecraft

for MC 1.14.2 ⇒ Download

Credit: FriendTroll | Source: PlanetMC

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